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Friday, July 15, 2011

Which questions to ask in Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Most companies big or small conduct Customer Satisfaction survey to get feedback on their products and services. This serves two purposes, one is to let customers know that you care about customer satisfaction and the bigger purpose is to learn what the customers are dissatisfied with.
        Survey is a good opportunity for customers to voice their concern and companies to improve upon and/or provide better product or service to their customers. Sometimes an incentive is thrown in to fill the survey out, this makes it easier for survey takers.
        The golden rule about questions to be asked in the customer satisfaction survey is to not ask any question on which you are not going to act. Asking questions on which no action is taken causes more dissatisfaction and could have a negative impact on the customers.
       There are no good or bad questions, it really depends on the purpose of the survey and how the responses from the survey are going to be used. If the survey is about a restaurant, clearly service, food quality and cleanliness are key factors that need to be surveyed. But if you ask a question on timings of the restaurant and you don't plan on changing the timing, then it is going to have a negative impact specially on customers that give feedback and want alternate time schedule.
       These factors should be considered when developing a customer satisfaction survey and more importantly the responses from the customers need to be taken into account to take action and improve the business.

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  2. Brilliant! Your tips can be extremely helpful for businesspeople who are preparing the questions for their surveys. Keep up the good work!